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Low EC- Washed CocopeatA perfect organic growing medium for plants

               Coco peat, also known as coconut fiber or coir fiber, is a naturally growing media made from the husk of coconut. It is a byproduct of the coconut industry used as a sustainable alternative to traditional soil-based growing mediums. It is widely used as a growing medium for seedling propagation, indoor & outdoor gardening and hydroponics.

Benefits of using Cocopeat block

  •          Good quality organic substrate having excellent water retention capacity.
  •          Provide adequate aeration to plant roots for healthy root growth.
  •         Acts as a pH buffer that helps in maintain a stable nutrient availability.
  •         It’s spongy nature allows to store and release nutrients to plants as needed.


How to use?

        1. Immerse the compressed cocopeat block in a container filled with water (1kg cocopeat ≈ 5 l of water).

        2. Keep it for 30 minutes, it absorb water and expand naturally.

        3. Drain the excess water and get ready -to -use cocopeat.

Why Low EC cocopeat is important ?

EC, or Electric Conductivity refers to the measure of concentration of dissolved salts in a solution. Low EC cocopeat refers to the cocopeat with low concentration of salt.

  •         Lower Salinity stress: Plants are highly sensitive to the salts in their growing medium. High concentration of salts can lead to salinity stress to plants make it unable to uptake of water and nutrients effectively results in stunted growth, leaf burn and even plant death. While using low EC cocopeat helps to prevent this stress, and ensure healthier plant growth.
  •         Reduced risk of accumulated salt: Continuous use of high EC growing medium can lead to the accumulation of salts in the root zone that hinders the nutrient uptake and water absorption.
  •         Minimize pH fluctuations: High salt content fluctuates the pH of growing medium .While low EC cocopeat provides the optimal pH range for plant growth.
  •          Suitable for salt sensitive crop: Some plants are highly sensitive to salt stress. Using low EC cocopeat helps in providing best environment for these sensitive crops.
  •         Long term feasibility: Reusing or recycling the cocopeat results in increased salt content overtime. By starting with Low EC cocopeat the users can extend the effectiveness and lifespan of cocopeat as a growing medium. 


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