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FOZBACT is a premium class biofertilizer containing active spores of Bacillus megaterium a phosphorus-solubilizing beneficial bacteria in the powder form.  FAZBACT converts the fixed and un-available phosphorus in the soil as “available phosphorus” for easy absorption by the plants.  With a viable cell count of 1x107 cells / gm of powder formulation, FOZBACT is very potent.



  • Improves root development & growth of plants.
  • Prevents deficiency of phosphorus.
  • Increased thickness of the stem and produces more yield.
  • Enhances the yield sign and its quality.
  • A natural colony of Bio Fertilisers prevents the invasion of pathogens
  • Eco-friendly and non-polluting

Dosage and Method of Application


Approved for Organic Agriculture by ECOCERT, and INDOCERT.

Type of crops

Dosage in grams

Method of application

Potted plants

5 g per pot

Mix with compost and apply on the soil, one month after planting.

Vegetables & flowers gardens

15 g per SqM of land.

Mix with compost and apply on the soil at the time of planting and at 45 days after 1st application.

Trees crops

25 g per tree

Mix with compost and apply on the soil around the base once in six months.


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