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nRAISEE  -  Pure Neem Cake

Neem cake organic fertilizer is made from good quality neem seeds and is rich in organic carbon and essential plant nutrients. It is rich in carbon and supplies N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Cu, and Zn for balanced growth and higher yield. This excellent manure also functions as a soil conditioner improving the aeration and water-holding capacity of soils. It decomposes quickly to release nutrients while promoting beneficial microbes for nutrient cycling and storage. The neem bitters protect the roots from insects and fungi.

· Robust growth of plants
· More flowers and high yield
· Nutritious vegetables and fruits
· Makes the plants resistant to diseases
· Inhibits the loss of nitrogen from the soil
· Increases root growth and retains soil moisture.
· Protects the roots from insects & nematodes.
· Eco-friendly, natural and safe.

Dosage & application




Pots / Grow bags 

8 lt capacity 150 g per pot / grow bag

Once in 6 weeks for three times

Rake the topsoil, spread the pellets and cover with topsoil and irrigate. The first application shall be one month after planting

Pots / Grow bags 

10 lt capacity 250 g per pot / grow bag

Once in 6 weeks for three times

Flower beds & backyard vegetable garden

1.00 kg per Sq M of land

Once 6 weeks for three times

Broadcast on the soil, mix well with topsoil, and irrigate. The first application shall be done one month after planting


Homestead fruits & Trees 

1.50 kg per tree

Twice a year

Broadcast on the soil below the drip line and mix well with topsoil. Apply soon after the seasonal rains

Approved for Organic Agriculture by ECOCERT, and INDOCERT.


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