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Green Spurt

Green Spurt is a premium-class growth factor. It is an organically synthesized formulation containing growth-promoting substances. Green Spurt is made from Seaweed extracts & Natural Protein sources like Soya extracts and fortified with essential nutrients. The natural amino acids present in seaweed extracts provide much-needed protein precursors to promote growth. The timely application of Green Spurt during active vegetative and reproductive phases will ensure very high levels of yield with improved quality of the produce.


The beneficial effects of Green Spurt on the growth and development of crops are due to:

• Green Spurt works with existing growth factors in the plant system and stimulates active growth.

• The active ingredients in Green Spurt influences cell enlargement, division, and elongation.

• Green Spurt helps to moderate the hormonal and enzyme balance of the plants to ensure enhanced nutrient uptake of nutrients from the soil.



• Improves vegetative growth of plants.

• Increases metabolic efficiency thereby enhancing nutrient uptakes for balanced growth.

• Increases flower and fruit production.

• Reduces the flower and immature fruit falls through hormonal balances.

• Increases the quality of the product significantly.

• Enables plants to achieve their genetic potential in terms of yield and biomass production.

• Enables plants to recover from biotic and abiotic stress. Crops recover faster after floods, drought pest damages, etc.

• Green Spurt is biodegradable and eco-friendly.


The ideal dosage for a significant response on the crops is 3 ml per liter of clean water.

Preparation of spray solution:

Take the required quantity of Green Spurt, add a little quantity of water, mix and make it into a solution. Then add the remaining quantity of water to make up the volume of the spray solution.


The ideal method of application for faster response on the crops is a foliar spray. While spraying, apply on the lower side of the leaves. For best results apply on rainless days and during early morning or late evening hours.


Since Green Spurt provides essential hormones for the balanced metabolism of plants, it is ideal to give a minimum of two doses. The first one is at the active vegetative phase of the crop and the second one is just before the flower bud initiation stage. This will ensure proper growth during the vegetative phase and a timely switch to the reproductive phase.

Approved for Organic Agriculture by ECOCERT, and INDOCERT.




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