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NEEMRAZ is a new-generation botanical pest control agent made from Neem Oil and Karanja Oil. This unique formulation is highly effective in controlling a wide range of sucking pests that feed crops. NEEMRAZ is superior to other natural pesticides due to the fact that the combined active ingredients of Neem Oil and Karanja oil extracts can affect and arrest the growth and development of nearly 200 species of insect pests of crops.


• As an antifeedant it repels adults and larvae from feeding on the crop.

• As oviposition deterrent - Deters adults from laying eggs on the treated plants.

• As Juvenile Hormone - Prevents the development of larvae to pupae.

• Neem and Karanja Bitters Interferes in the proper development of the pest growth lifecycle.



NEEMRAZ is well suited for Organic Agriculture and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs because of the following salient features:

• NEEMRAZ is a natural product, absolutely non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

• None or a lesser quantity of synthetic pesticides needs to be used if NEEMRAZ is used.

• NEEMRAZ consists of several bitter and complex organic compounds pest rejuvenation is slow or absent.

• NEEMRAZ does not destroy natural predators and parasites of pests thereby allowing these natural enemies to thrive to keep a check on the pest population.

• NEEMRAZ is harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms like pollinators, honeybees, mammals, and other vertebrates.

Target Pests of Crops.

NEEMRAZ protects the crops against the infestation of tea mosquitoes, fruit flies, white flies, shoot and fruit borers, leaf miners, aphids, scales, mites, soft-bodied pests, etc. It is also effective against larval, and grub stages of the pests.


The ideal dosage for prophylactic treatment is 3 ml per lit of clean water. And if used after the incidence of the pests use 5 ml per lit of water.

Preparation of spray solution:

Take the required quantity of NEEMRAZ, add a little quantity of water, mix and make it into a solution. Then add the remaining quantity of water to make up for the volume of spray solution.


Mode of application:

Apply a foliar spray to cover the above-ground parts and undertake soil drenching to protect the roots to protect them from root-feeding insects / soil-borne insects.

The ideal time to spray is early in the morning or late in the evening. When spraying on the above-ground portions, ensure to apply on the underside of the leaves and flowers to ensure complete protection for the crops.

For best results after observing infestation repeat the spray twice at an interval of 15 days.

Approved for Organic Agriculture by ECOCERT, and INDOCERT.





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